Rising Star Scholarship

GALA's Rising Star Scholarship awards students in translation, localization, interpreting, and related programs around the world with registration to attend GALA's annual Language of Business Conference. Attending the conference is a great opportunity for students to learn about important trends from translation and localization thought-leaders and make connections with industry professionals.

The scholarship is sponsored by member organizations. Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of industry stakeholders. Scholarship details differ each year.

Rising Star Scholarship logo

Scholarship Sponsor: BeatBabel

Scholarship Committee: Oleksandr Bondarenko (Translatel), María del Mar Sánchez Ramos (Universidad de Alcalá), Vicenta Ten Soriano (RWS), Burckhardt Rueffer (BeatBabel), Patrick Nunes (Rotary International), managed by Alicia Deadrick (GALA)


Scholarship Sponsor: BeatBabel

Scholarship Committee: Burckhardt Rueffer (BeatBabel), Doug Porter (BYU), Edith Bendermacher (NetApp), Gwenola Trystram (Dell Computer Corporation), Oleksandr Bondarenko (Translatel), managed by Alicia Deadrick (GALA)

  • Rita Pang, Master's candidate in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc) at the University of Strasbourg (France)
  • Katherine Tse, Master's candidate in Applied Translation Studies at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Scholarship Sponsors: BeatBabel and Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Scholarship Committee: Ana Sanchez (Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.), Burckhardt Rueffer (BeatBabel), Edith Bendermacher (NetApp), Max Troyer (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey) and Oleksandr Bondarenko (Translatel), managed by Alicia Deadrick (GALA)

Scholarship Sponsor: Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Scholarship Committee: Gwenola Trystram (Dell Computer Corporation, USA), Miguel Sevener (BeatBabel, USA), Oleksandr Bondarenko(Translatel, Ukraine), Pete Smith (The University of Texas at Arlington Certificate in Localization and Translation, USA), and Serena Williams (Avantpage, USA), managed by Alicia Deadrick (GALA).