About GALA

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a trade association — a nonprofit organization founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry. GALA serves and supports the global language services and technologies industry which comprises translation, interpreting, localization, and the technologies that support such activities.

We believe that a strong professional community makes for a strong industry. We focus on best-practices, knowledge-sharing, professionalism, and industry development. We know that language is a critical element of accessibility and inclusion and that it's an investment worth making.   

GALA delivers value to our member community by providing resources that help companies solve their business challenges. 

  • GALA is future-oriented and human-focused 
  • GALA provides access to expertise on industry trends, technologies, and best practices
  • GALA is a community and a platform where people learn, share, and inspire one another 
  • GALA supports the growth of professionals, businesses, and the global language industry

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GALA is a nonprofit trade association. We serve an international community of organizations and individuals who work in the global language industry to facilitate multilingual communication and global business. GALA’s mission is to help our members succeed and to drive industry development by building professional communities, sharing knowledge, and advancing best practices. 

With a focus on professional development, GALA delivers programs, resources, and events that help our members perform better. We offer a non-biased platform for information-sharing and collaboration, and we build connections between industry stakeholders. GALA creates and supports initiatives that advance localization best practices and raises awareness about the value that our industry brings to global business.

GALA’s members are organizations from around the world. The majority are translation companies who also provide other language services and language-related technologies. About 35% are global enterprises or universities. Members deliver a variety of services and technologies to support global communication and business. Visit our member directory.

GALA’s independent, nonprofit status, its global reach, and its commitment to quality make it a trustworthy source of industry information. Through GALA’s programs and insightful content, individuals become more knowledgeable, organizations grow and mature, and the global language industry makes gains in professionalism and prominence.

GALA was founded in 2002 by leaders from 15 businesses who recognized that language services companies needed an organization dedicated to their professional growth and to the betterment of the industry. Those 15 founding members expanded to well over 400, and now include organizations playing diverse roles in the global language industry: global translation and interpreting companies, language technology companies, universities, consultancies, and global enterprises producing multilingual content. Through the dedication of dozens of volunteers and a small, but mighty staff, GALA has grown into the largest association in the industry, with the broadest representation.

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