Special Interest Groups

GALA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are committees to connect members on topics of mutual interest, make contributions to GALA’s knowledge base on a particular topic, and provide a meaningful way for members to engage with the community and with GALA. These networked learning committees meet virtually monthly for presentations and discussions. SIG members have access to the SIG forum.

Register for upcoming SIG meetings on the Event Calendar.

Requests to join a SIG are moderated by GALA staff. When you are approved, the SIG will appear in your list of "Committees."

Standard SIGs

The following SIGs host regular meetings (monthly) and utilize GALA's Basecamp group for discussions.

Join the MTPE Training SIG

With a steering committee to keep things moving in the right direction and the GALA community to bring the knowledge and enthusiasm, the MTPE Training SIG will operate as a time-limited, collaborative community project. With monthly teleconferences and offline work, the SIG will develop a set of best practices for training professionals who will conduct post-editing activities. Once developed, GALA will disseminate and evangelize the recommendations and protocols. 

We welcome and encourage participation of all GALA members, especially representatives from LSCs and academic institutions, to this open-source project. 

Moderators: Lucía Guerrero (Expedia) and Viveta Gene (Intertranslations)

Group Representatives: Cristina Anselmi (Electronic Arts), Diego Cresceri (Creative Words), Pete Smith (The University of Texas at Arlington), Sabrina Girletti (University of Geneva), and Jessica Yaacoub (Bromberg Translations)

Requirement(s): GALA membership

Join the Client SIG

This group connects professionals employed on internal corporate localization teams (ie "clients") to discuss the unique considerations of managing localization, globalization, internationalization, and translation departments within a larger organization. Discussion topics change monthly and may include: internal evangelization, process innovation, technology implementation, quality management, and resource coordination.

Please note that all information shared in this group and during virtual meetings is considered private and confidential under GALA's Member Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Calls are not recorded, but anonymous minutes are distributed.

Moderators: Marcus Danei (SAP), Alessandra Binazzi (IKEA Retail | Ingka Group), Trish York (Medtronic), Cornelia Sittel (Salesforce), Pedro Gomez (Microsoft), Santhanam Nagarajan (Zynga Inc.)

Requirement(s): GALA membership, Organization Type: Client

Ad Hoc SIGs

These groups do not have regular meetings. Members may receive invites to join special meetings or focus groups, or receive important surveys related to GALA's programs.

Join the Global Talent SIG

GALA's Global Talent Initiative aims to be an international platform to bring together stakeholders in academia and the industry to address the challenges and share resources to help prepare students and young professionals for successful careers in the global language industry. The SIG will serve as a mutually beneficial ecosystem for industry professionals, academic administrators and instructors, and students to share knowledge, best practices, and the changing industry requirements. Meetings are on an ad hoc basis.

Moderators: Oleksandr Bondarenko (Translatel), Marie Flacassier (BeatBabel)

Requirement(s): GALA membership

Join the Interpreting + Technologies SIG

The importance of interpreting services and technologies in the offerings of GALA members has grown steadily since GALA first began addressing this market segment at its conferences several years ago. The time has come to take interpreting to the next level at GALA. This group will work to identify the unique needs and challenges in the interpreting + technologies segment and develop collaborative solutions to advance the interpreting sector as a whole. Interpreting service providers are welcomed; note that we anticipate a tech-heavy focus for this SIG. Meetings are on an ad hoc basis.

Moderators: Naomi Bowman (DS-Interpretation, Inc.) and Peter Van Den Steene (Presence Translate & Interact)

Requirement(s): GALA membership

We are currently accepting suggestions for future SIG groups! Have an idea? Let us know.