GALA Rising Star Scholarship 2022 - Student Winner: Kemel Karim Cobresle (University of Cordoba, Argentina)

GALA is delighted to award two Rising Star Scholarships to attend our GALA 2022 San Diego conference.

The Rising Star Scholarship Committee reviewed applications from 8 unique universities to select the faculty and student winners that will receive a registration to the GALA 2022 conference.

The Student Winner is Kemel Karim Cobresle, a student at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Facultad de Lenguas in Argentina. He is enrolled in the English to Spanish translation program, pursuing a career in game localization. 

Watch an interview with Kemel.



Watch Kemel's video application addressing "What translation technologies do you consider as the “near future”?"



"In this globalized world, the increased amount of cross-cultural interactions between people all over the world has driven members of the translation industry to dive into new technologies in order to adapt to the current spikes in their workflow.

Although it may not seem so, we are already experiencing the “near future” of translation technologies, as not only the wide range of tools we use to carry out our tasks has been improved, but also many improvements are being planned and studied so as to implement them whenever convenient.

In fact, many of the changes considered to be implemented as soon as possible are the result of countless studies already started many years ago, which is why the evolution of these technologies is significant for the current era. It is this technological boom that gave rise to the question of whether machines will ever surpass or replace humans in their workplace.

In this short video, I address the impact globalization had on the translation industry, the evolution and implementation of translation technologies in the current era, which, as I said before, I consider is already the “near future.”

Finally, I briefly present the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and the reasons why we should not be afraid of being replaced by technological machines and should, instead, make them our biggest allies and coworkers in our jobs of building bridges between languages and cultures all over the world."


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