Academic Membership

GALA is committed to giving academic stakeholders access to GALA's resources and community.

Growth in our sector projected to skyrocket in the coming years and GALA recognizes the importance of attracting qualified talent to the language industry. By connecting academia and business, we help to develop relationships and pathways that enable new professionals to embark on successful localization careers after graduation. We also provide faculty with access to the latest industry trends and our wealth of industry materials to use in the classroom.

With a GALA membership you can:

Become an Academic Member


GALA's free academic membership is open to universities, colleges, and degree-granting institutions. It includes full access to member benefits. The GALA Academic Membership is university-wide, which means that all staff, faculty, and matriculated students with a valid university email address are able to create user profiles and engage with the association. The membership admin manages the renewal and users must be a faculty or staff member; students are not eligible to serve as the university membership admin.

To join GALA, the first step is to create a GALA user account and university profile using your university email address. Once both profiles are created, you will see a button on the university profile to "join / renew membership." Please complete the steps to activate the free membership.

Create user profile

See How to Join GALA and the Membership FAQ for more help.

To connect to your university's existing membership, create a user profile using your school email address. Then, click the link in the account verification email. This step is important - it is what activates your user profile and member benefits.

Create user profile