Navigating Through Transformational Changes: Strategies, Insights, Use-cases, and Guidance for Thriving in an Era of Evolution

02 May 2024
08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time (Mexico) (UTC-08:00)

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Amid rapid and disruptive change, companies grapple with an era of transformation, where traditional norms fade, and new technologies are uncertain. The workshop, "Navigating Through Transformational Changes: Strategies, Insights, Use-cases, and Guidance for Thriving in an Era of Evolution" provides insights and tools. It addresses the challenge of managing during transformation, emphasizing flexibility, agility, and continuous learning. It highlights the role of leadership and effective communication. Real-world examples show how successful companies have flourished in this era. Participants gain a high level roadmap for thriving within uncertainty, enabling them to execute shifts and position their organizations for success in a rapidly changing world. Staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game.


•    Gain insights, understanding, and guidance for thriving within uncertainty
•    Be prepared, mentally, for the upcoming changes
•    Gain a high level roadmap for the next steps 


•    Founders 
•    CEOs 
•    C-Level managers
•    Leaders
•    Managers
•    Growth hackers



Host organization: consultOrr

Event Speakers

Benny Orr

A serial entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses, Benny continues to effectively leverage his worldwide network of contacts (from APAC, the US, and Europe), his unique personal qualities, 25+ years of strategic development, managerial and technical experience, and coaching-mentoring qualifications (earned from the Technion), to offer the highest level-of-service to his clients. Benny has widespread experience helping to develop strategic growth plans and mentoring decision-makers in a wide array of industry sectors, including medical devices, healthcare, Language, retail, fashion, and eCommerce, software, SaaS, industrial, security, defense, and government. Benny is a Certified Director, from the Tel Aviv University, the Recanati Business School   Specialties: • Strategic and Business Development as DNA; • Strategy-to-Practice Build-in thinking - Transferring vague Ideas into Results; • Mergers and Acquisition hands-on, both directions (buy and sell); • Sales, Marketing, and Production - Years of hands-on; • Professional Manager for more than two decades; • Certified Director for public and private companies; • Certified Coach and Mentor for entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers. Multi-Disciplinary approach; • Contracts and RFPs fighter; • A full toolbox of knowledge, know-how, and experience.