How to Join or Renew

Globalization Opportunities

GALA’s worldwide community of members provides you and your team with access to a vast network of experts, globalization opportunities, and chances to participate in localization development at an industry scale.


How do I join GALA or renew my membership?

First, you will need to create a user and organization profile.

Once you have a user and organization profile, you are ready to move forward with joining GALA or renewing your organization’s membership. First, log in and select the “update membership” button on your user or organization profile. This will open our portal to your organization overview, where you can select the button under “membership”. Depending on your member status, it will say "renew," "rejoin," or "buy"and will add membership to your cart. Complete the checkout process to either pay online or select BillMe to instantly generate an invoice to download. You can return to your invoice and submit payment online.

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How does membership work?

Annual dues are US$ 1250 and follow an anniversary model. This means your membership anniversary (and renewal day) is the date that you first activate your membership. 

Membership is open to all employees at your organization. For one price, membership is accessible to everybody at your company. We encourage the entire organization to explore GALA’s resources on globalization opportunities and localization development best practices. The more you and your staff engage with GALA, the more you benefit.