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GALA’s worldwide community of members provides you and your team with access to a vast network of experts, globalization opportunities, and chances to participate in localization development at an industry scale.


How do I join GALA or renew my membership?

First, you will need to create a user and organization profile.

Once you have a user and organization profile, you are ready to move forward with joining GALA or renewing your organization’s membership. First, log in and select any of the “join / renew membership” buttons on your profile page or below to open the member portal. From here, add membership to your cart and complete the checkout process. You may pay online with a credit card or select "Bill Me" to instantly generate an invoice to download. 

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How does membership work?

GALA membership is accessible to all employees at your organization; there is no limit on the number of users. Each user should create their own user account (kindly note that sharing a login can cause user experience issues).We encourage the entire organization to explore GALA’s resources on globalization opportunities and localization development best practices. The more you and your staff engage with GALA, the more you benefit.

In January 2023, we introduced a new model which we believe is fair and equitable to all members. Language services and technology companies’ dues are based on self-reported annual revenue. For internal localization departments at client companies, the dues are based on self-reported annual department budget. Based on your revenue or budget range, your dues will fall into one of four tiers:

Tier Revenue/Budget Range Dues (USD)
Tier 1 Under $1 million $1,150
Tier 2 $1 million - $4.9 million $1,400
Tier 3 $5 million - $9.9 million $1,950
Tier 4 Over $10 million $2,850


When you add membership to your cart, you will be asked to report on your revenue/budget. The correct dues option will auto-populate.