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Company founder, Benny Orr is a business and organizational consultant, coach, and mentor for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers. Benny leads and assists his clients in their challenge to reveal and crystallize their business and personal strategy, and streamlines practical routes towards successful business results.


As an entrepreneur and founder of several companies, Benny utilizes his extensive experience with leading and managing high-volume activities to help his clients define their needs, generate solutions, and optimize their finances, accounting, and budgets. Benny uses his expertise in managing internal and external teams to handle business opportunities and leading and managing sales, marketing, and production.

His cooperative ventures include work with start-up companies and founders (e.g. software, medical devices, and retail products), mature companies (e.g. a security company with over 4000 employees, automotive-related organizations), family-oriented businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Asuccessful M&A is such which the matching between busnisses is what matters, however the matching between people is what makes it happen. Benny’s strategic DNA, ability to see the global picture, and deep knowledge of the industry and its trends, integrated with his down-to-earth practicality, his talent to drill down into details, and his networking capabilities and connections, combine to be his unique skill set that serves as the substrate for his successful M&A initiatives. His hands-on experience acquiring companies and activities for his own operations, and merging his company into the biggest language US corporation in the world, further enhance his skills. Add to it Benny's ability to lead and connect people together, and you win.

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