Sell More Translations With an Effective Sales Mindset in 2023

sales growth in localization and translation services

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If you're selling your translation and localization services, chances are you'll still be facing challenges in 2023 such as:

• Price dumping by cut-throat competitors

• Price sensitivity as many clients push for a lower price

• Limited budget for sales and marketing

• Ineffective sales mindset by project managers or business owners

According to Market Research Future, translation service market research reports USD 47.21 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 2.60% by the year 2030. It seems like there are a lot of opportunities. The first thing you can do to take them is to improve your attitude toward selling because that's one of the things you can really control.

Negative attitudes and self-limiting beliefs about sales

What is there to improve? Primarily, negative attitudes like "selling is manipulation," "salespeople are sleazy and pushy," "selling is calling random people and persuading them to buy something they don't need," and the like. Also, self-limiting beliefs like:

• I can't sell because I don't know anything about sales.

• I'm a hopeless case when it comes to selling.

• Nowadays it's impossible to sell translations in this recession.

• Digital sales will do the work for me.

Sales is all around

But we are actually selling something all the time. For example, as schoolkids, we were sold the idea that knowing logarithms, or all types of algae is good for the development of our brain but was it something we really needed? Saying thank you and sorry might be also seen as manipulation since it is a learned behavior.

Project managers may bring more projects

Developing a sales mindset can be a challenging process for anyone, especially for those who are biased against sales. Project managers are the first point of contact with clients and could be engaged in cross-selling translations and pave the way for other team members. Actually, everyone could be engaged in sales to a certain extent as opportunities exist everywhere.

Tips to develop a proper sales mindset

1. Firstly, see yourself as a professional giver: You give your translation and localization services to clients who need them to be more successful in their field. In the great jungle called the market, selling is the way to speak up and show that you're there to offer your expertise.

2. Shift your focus from selling translation to solving a problem: Instead of trying to sell a translation, you should try to understand your potential client's needs and challenges and figure out how your translation can help solve their problem. This can help you see the value of your translation and approach the sales process with a more positive mindset.

3. Think about what your business will look like in five years if you maintain a negative attitude. What will you lose? What have you lost so far? How much pain will you feel? If that doesn't work, see yourself with the same negative attitude and self-limiting beliefs in ten years. Then change your image and see yourself in five years with a positive attitude about sales and the belief that you're a great provider of great translations that satisfy your client. How do you feel?

4. Embrace rejection: It's natural to feel discouraged when you face rejection in sales, but it's important to understand that it's a normal part of the process. Embrace rejection as a learning opportunity and use it to improve your approach.

5. Practice active listening: One of the keys to sales success is the ability to listen and understand the needs of your prospects. Practice active listening by paying attention to what they say, asking clarifying questions, and paraphrasing their concerns.

6. Focus on the benefits: Instead of just explaining how you translate, highlight the benefits that translation has for your potential clients. This can help them see the value of the translation you're offering and make it easier to connect with them.

7. Learn from others: Consider seeking mentors or sales professionals who can guide and assist you in developing a sales mindset. Learning from those who have experience in the field can help you gain valuable insights and strategies to overcome biases and become more successful in sales.


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Zoran Metikoš

Zoran Metikoš helps language service providers (LSPs) grow as companies and their employees as professionals by providing unique business development consulting as well as growth mindset, executive, middle management, and career coaching. Zoran and his co-workers from Profecta BDI know how LSPs breathe which is why the creation of results and progressive company culture is highly effective. After graduating from linguistics and translation in 2003, Zoran Metikoš started working as a translator and trainer for translation tools and eventually worked as a project coordinator, business developer, and operations manager at LSPs for 17 years until 2020. After completing his MBA at the School of Business and Economics in 2015, the idea of helping many LSPs grow as companies and professionals as well as learn how to grow was born. The goal of serving LSPs comprehensively was reached after earning a professional coaching certificate in 2021.