Logrus Global Introduces Perfectionist, a Cutting-edge Tool for Managing and Outsourcing TQE Tasks and Storing QA Results in Internal Repository

The Perfectionist is a cloud system that enables the localization teams and departments to integrate the powerful translation quality evaluation (TQE) functionality into their localization workflows. With Perfectionist, you can measure the quality of the following types of translation processes:

  • Regular multilingual translations done by your internal or external translation providers;
  • Post-edited machine translations;
  • Raw machine translations;
  • Test translations used to select new translation providers.

Now, quality oversight managers can quickly run a selected piece of content through a quality control cycle involving the project manager, the reviewing linguist, and an external or internal translation provider.

Perfectionist is a web service that supports a full arbitration cycle:

  • The reviewer indicates translation errors; the LQA task is forwarded to the linguist who has translated, edited, or post-edited the source text;
  • The linguist adds the comments\objections on the errors logged by the reviewer; the LQA task is forwarded back to the reviewer for arbitration;
  • The reviewer takes objections into account and makes the final decision.

All this can be done online, and there is no longer any need to forward Excel files back and forth and manually manage the arbitration cycle. The source files and examination results are stored in a cloud database, are easily accessible, and can be analyzed in breakdown by client, translation provider, language pair, project, and time.

For the purposes of translation vendor selection, the tool provides the task cycle of sending, receiving, and validating a test translation. The same QA metric is used to evaluate the tests and regular translation projects.

The QA metrics are fully customizable depending on the client, language pair, project, content type, and target audience.

Perfectionist also provides a tailored process for quality evaluation of post-edited machine translations or raw MT output for comparing MT systems.

Now is the perfect time to book a presentation, get introduced to Perfectionist, and integrate this most advanced QA process into your translation workflows!



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