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Since 1993, the Logrus Global company is the powerhouse of globalization for the most demanding global multinationals, and many national leaders in various industries. Our long-time customers include top international companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, PTC, Samsung, and many others. We are also working for Dassault Systemes, ASCON, Renga BIM in ERP/CAD/CAM/CAE/PLN/BIM domains.

With unique localization problem-solving skills and experience, our team has done many highly complicated projects delivering outstanding language quality and great quality of service. Our business has been recognized with multiple awards for excellence in various areas of localization.

We offer a full set of multilingual localization and translation services, including software engineering, testing, and DTP. Our established team of in-house talents and long-term partners provides a winning combination of quality, experience and affordability.

Our expertise confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587 certificates.

Logrus Global is a member of leading industry associations such as GALA, LT-Innovate, ELIA, ASAP Globalizers, Association of Language Companies (ALC), Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL). Our participation in industry standardization efforts is long time and ongoing, including W3C ITS2.0, XLIFF 1.2, and XLIFF 2.0 projects. Within ASTM, we are a technical lead of the WK 54884 (Holistic Evaluation of Translation Quality) draft standard working group, and we participate in WK 46396 (Analytic Evaluation of Translation Quality) working group.

Logrus Global has a strong research and development background.
The Logrus Global Localization Cloud ecosystem features the following key localization tools and services: Interpretisto videoconference and RSI platform, Paralela bilingual text aligner, Prospector terminology extractor, Rigora LQA tool, Memose and Hakutaku translation memory servers, Termlode terminology database server, and other components.

We have extended our tech portfolio with a full stack of neural machine translation deployment services: content mining and cleaning, engine training, engine quality evaluation and comparison, engine customization and re-training, etc. We offer the Cloud tools and services to our partners at very favorable terms including customization and integration with a customer’s IT infrastructure.

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