GALA Rising Star 2023 - Faculty Winner: Soren Eberhardt (Univ. of Washington,USA)

GALA is delighted to announce Soren Eberhardt with the University of Washington as the Rising Star Scholarship Faculty Winner. GALA awarded two winners with the Rising Star Scholarships in 2023, which includes full registration and travel to attend the GALA 2023 Dublin conference.

A big thank you to the Rising Star Scholarship Committee, who reviewed the applications, and  Welocalize for sponsoring the scholarship.


Watch a video interview with Soren.


"Localization processes have been ever-changing, and none of the ones mentioned here are new. But they will accelerate: disintermediation, meaning the use of translation marketplaces instead of LSPs, the use of machine translation, now mostly neural MT, and the use of artificial intelligence in areas beyond MT, from source text analysis to automated task assignment. A basic understanding of artificial intelligence, including MT training and machine learning, will be a necessity in the language industry of the future.

Are there skills to kill, skills people won’t need anymore? Well, some traditional project management have started becoming obsolete with much better infrastructure and agile localization, like scheduling handoffs and hand-backs and transferring files within them. The organization of traditional linguistic reviews becomes obsolete as organizations prefer user feedback over academic reviews.

And since covid obviously nobody needs to keep kids, pets, or dirty dishes out of the view of the camera anymore – but maybe those were never skills you really needed."

Watch Soren's presentation