E.g., 04/19/2018
E.g., 04/19/2018

Translation and Localization Events

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April 2018

Terminology Management—The Basics from a Project Manager’s Perspective

Consistent terms and names throughout a translation are essential. Without consistency, branding opportunities are lost and usability of a product is hampered. We will look at examples from the industry that demonstrate the opportunity cost of...

TAUS QE Summit 2018

At the TAUS QE Summits this year, the program will zoom in on the people, organizations, and the platforms and workflows they are operating on. Are we ready to come down from our ivory towers and put our trust in the power of distributed work...

LIVE WEBINAR: Adopting AI in the Loc Industry

AI and Deep Learning have brought dramatic improvements in efficiency and overall quality to a variety of industries. In the language sector, current AI use cases include chatbots for customer queries, named entity recognition for unstructured...

LIVE WEBINAR: Editor Consistency in Marking Glossary Violations in Translation

Since both the end-users and the translators involved in our projects at Avantpage, Inc. are often immigrants, our company has multiple opportunities to meet its mission to empower immigrants to reach their American dream. For the quality area,...