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E.g., 01/17/2019

Translation and Localization Events

Networking is a vital part of staying relevant and gaining new business. Discover industry conferences and gatherings to attend via GALA's event calendar.

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January 2019

Machine Translation: From Translation to Post-editing

This webinar is geared towards linguists who work in the localization industry and are moving from a translation to a post-editing role. It will discuss three topics:

The Unique Approach Of Life Sciences In The Localization Industry

Learn from our panelists about managing clinical trials, the challenge of building up medical translators teams, or how to cope with high regulations in an industry where translation accuracy is key!

For more information on the panelists...

AI and the Interpreting Market: What You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days. Many thought-leaders regularly trumpet the expectation that we are just months or a few years away from having machines replace humans in both translation and interpreting. Our clients are...

Event: Les Contamines FR

French Alps Networking Event 2019

New GALA member, Word Connection is inviting company owners to attend an exciting evening in a stunning Alpine setting to enjoy drinks and tapas...

Event: Munich DE

Munich Networking Event 2019

Industry professionals from in and around Munich are invited to join together for a local networking event on Thursday, 24 January, 6:30pm at Miss Lilly's - Moritz restaurant. Chat with old friends, greet business associates, and make new...

LIVE WEBINAR: The Role of Machine Translation in Global Litigation

Language is not an excuse when it comes to the law. In e-discovery and litigation, lawyers need to understand the data regardless of the language, but it's complicated. They're often sitting on terabytes of data in different formats and languages...

Event: London GB

WLUK - What is MT?

What is MT? Who are the current users? Where are we going with future jobs?

Machine Translation (MT) technology is rapidly developing, becoming a hot topic within the industry. As technology improves, is MT right for all? Some would never...

LIVE WEBINAR: Entrepreneurship in the Language Industry

In this webinar we will hear from three female entrepreneurs about their experience opening their own businesses in the language sector. We will learn what drove these unique women to set out for themselves, what opportunities they saw, and what...