Paragon Language Services, Inc.


GALA Member

Paragon Language Services, Inc. is a full-service language bureau with core competencies including: translation; localization; adaptation; editing; proofreading; repetitive text management; linguistic and cultural analysis ("linguistic validation"); glossary compilation; terminology management; desktop publishing in all languages and formats; interpreting in every venue, including courts, healthcare settings and conferences; and multilingual multimedia services (voice-overs, dubbing, subtitling, captioning, narration, talent-selection, time-codes, output conversions.)Paragon serves numerous public and private institutions with expert services in over 90 foreign languages. Subject matter includes: life science/pharmaceutical (advertising, consumer information, informed consent, patient reported outcomes, regulatory, patents, websites); legal and regulatory material (constitutions, laws, research reports, warnings, safety information, and technical regulations); patents; scientific articles; surveys; questionnaires; focus group instruments; entertainment (script translation and adaptation, dubbing, subtitling, voice-over); education (both academic and vocational); and consumer information (instructional manuals, brochures, advertising copy, web sites, and public service announcements).We collaborate with accredited translators, editors and proofreaders in every language and discipline to provide expert translation, localization, interpreting, multimedia and desktop publishing services.

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