GlobaWare International


GALA Member

With about 20 years of software localization experience within large IT companies, GlobaWare International is a team of professionals specialized in technical translation and software localization.From translation to engineering, our team uses the most recent technologies and methods to deliver documents, software and internet sites simultaneously in several languages. We concentrate on the rapid delivery and we guarantee:Excellent quality of serviceDeadlines are metCompetitive ratesNo surprise on invoicesWe offer translations to most of European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages from English or French. We provide the following portfolio of services to meet localization requirements:LinguisticDesktop PublishingEngineeringTesting/ValidationEach localization project performed by GlobaWare International results from the work of a professional team. Our clients benefit from all their knowledge to ensure the best possible result. Our Project Managers have many years experience in multilingual translation and software localization, and their technical skills are second to none. They handle projects from reception of original source files to delivery of ready to ship localized products.Our engineers have proven experience of software localization and internationalization and have a perfect command of software localization tools, while developping utilities to simplify the localization process. SIAT is the best example. Our language coordinators have completed many translation or localization projects. They implement the use of the latest translation tools in our localization process and maintain your glossaries and translation memories.

  • Translation and Localization
  • Tools or Tech Development
  • Multimedia Localization

  • Financial Services
  • Technology

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