Welocalize Unveils OPAL-Marketing: An AI-Enabled Service Delivery Platform to Amplify Global Content

(NEW YORK) — Welocalize, a leader in innovative translation and global content solutions, announces the launch of OPAL-Marketing, an AI-enabled solution that transforms the way marketing professionals create, manage, translate, and amplify global content. OPAL-Marketing uses machine translation (MT), large language models (LLMs), natural language processing (NLP) technology and incorporates experts-in-the-loop to enable automation of high-quality translations at scale. Further, the workflows and connectors into marketing content management systems (CMSs) are fit-for-purpose for marketers.

“By enabling marketers to get content translated quickly from within the native work surfaces they use every day, OPAL-Marketing accelerates time to market, increases marketing conversion rates, and grows revenue,” states Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer at Welocalize. "Our customers want tangible business outcomes from AI-enabled solutions, and we’re delivering on that promise with OPAL-Marketing." 

Transforming Global Marketing Through AI 

OPAL-Marketing simplifies the complexities of multilingual content by putting the power of translation and localization in the hands of marketers. The solution’s key components include:

  • Experience Apps: Enables marketing content creators to get content translated quickly from within the native work surfaces they use every day.
  • Workflow Apps: Governs the translation, review, and approval processes designed specifically for marketing content types. 
  • Connectors: Provides rapid integration with existing marketing content systems, accelerating project deployment and time to value.
  • AI Building Blocks: Equips marketers with the latest AI technologies to ensure accurate translations and future-proof global content strategies.
  • Digital Foundation: Supports data integration and automation through intelligent rules engines and AI-enabled agents.
  • Global Expert Community: Offers access to a global community of experts for high-value content needs.

Proven Success in Real-World Applications 

The need for fit-for-purpose AI-enabled solutions like OPAL-Marketing is underscored by a recent customer case study involving a tech giant.

By automating its content localization processes, the tech giant eliminated outdated manual tasks and bolstered campaign performance internationally with a 433% increase in leads and a 42% increase in qualified sales pipeline.

For further information about OPAL Marketing, visit www.welocalize.com.


Welocalize is ranked as one of the world’s largest language service providers. Specializing in optimizing customer engagement through localized content, the company has helped some of the world's largest organizations achieve superior business outcomes with multilingual, global content. At the heart of Welocalize’s innovative approach is OPAL, the company's cutting-edge AI-enabled service delivery platform, which integrates state-of-the-art AI technologies such as machine translation engines, large language models, and natural language processing to automate translations at scale. This technology, combined with configurable workflows and an extensive network of over 250,000 linguistic experts in more than 250 languages, allows Welocalize to deliver fit-for-purpose content services that are unmatched in quality and relevance. The company also curates innovative data solutions that deliver high-impact AI datasets at global scale to power advanced AI models. Founded in 1997, Welocalize holds 7 ISO certifications and was one of the first translation service providers to implement a new ISO virtual-site certification model, which certifies cloud-based quality processes and systems instead of locations.