The Localization Institute Presents: Spotlight on Spanish

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Registration for Spotlight on Spanish is now open!


Registration for Spotlight on Spanish is now open!


Join The Localization Institute for this illuminating VIRTUAL CONFERENCE as we turn the Spotlight on Spanish. Culturally dispersed and richly woven into many nations, Spanish offers a unique challenge and opportunity for any company wishing to grow globally.


We will cover numerous topics from a client side perspective over the course of two days. Each session will consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A.


Each of the presenters has a unique client-side perspective to share. From the transcreation strategies companies like Pinterest and King Games implement to the methodology for choosing the Spanish variants companies like Airbnb favor, Spotlight on Spanish has you covered. 


Whether you are a seasoned linguist or a marketing firm, you will have the opportunity to address your specific Spanish-related question, as well as discover questions you haven’t yet thought of. 

Participants can expect to hear from a number of leading global companies outline their strategy for Spanish including, but not limited to, Google, Airbnb, HubSpot, King, Spotify, Salesforce, Pinterest, and Kayak.