The Localization Institute Presents "Developing a Tiering Blueprint"

Tiering is an extremely useful, and most often overlooked, methodology for on-going localization operations. When you take that next step beyond a concrete set of language tiers, you’ve already begun to fill out a blueprint for your localization operations.

As a localization professional, readiness to pivot and build responsive localization operations is a key to both overall localization success and your success with global customers.

  • How are your localization operations responding to corporate changes?
  • Are roles in your localization organization shifting to respond to new corporate initiatives?
  • Do your processes, workflows and technologies seem out of date or too manual-intensive?
If you haven’t yet stopped and thought through your ever-growing localization and resource challenges, now is the time to tune up operations and roles.
Melissa Biggs is a localization veteran with over 25 years of experience in management roles targeting localized products for enterprises. She teaches two classes for the Localization Institute.

 The ReadySetGo: Tiering Blueprint will look at the issues and useful practices around working with a tiering strategy for localized properties. 

The Global Language Strategy Master Class provides tools and guidance for corporate and localization leaders to use in creating and maintaining a robust language strategy.
April 13, 2023
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Melissa Biggs
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Global Language Strategy
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April 4 - 25, 2023

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Melissa Biggs
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The Paper from Localization Institute Graduate Student
Recent Global Digital Marketing and Localization Certification graduate Yessica Imm explores the nuance between regionalization and localization in her paperAnd learn more about Dr. Nitish Singh’s comprehensive course here
Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular market so that it is easy to understand and comfortable to use in the local context. Regionalization is the segmentation and identification of needs based on a specific region or location.”

Yessica further breaks down this difference by exploring how a single language, like Spanish, can have a hundred dialects and locales, which necessarily shapes your localization strategy. 

“Something important to keep in mind, the more personality you want to add to your content, the less likely you can apply universal Spanish, especially with marketing, sales, or more direct and interpersonal content. To truly resonate with your desired market, is best to localize as closely as possible to the audience.”

Read more about Spanish locales and regionalization in Yessica’s enlightening and fascinating article here.

And learn more about our comprehensive certification course here. 

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Tiering – A Modern Localization Blueprint
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