Henrik Kühnemann joins Translator Scandinavia as management team member and IT and Production Manager

To help our customers with tomorrow’s solutions today, we welcome Henrik Kühnemann as our new IT and Production Manager. Henrik is joining the Translation Scandinavia team as a partner and as our new IT and Production Manager.

He has over 10 years’ experience in the language services industry, with a special focus on process automation and deploying technologies in production.

“Henrik and Translator Scandinavia are a perfect match,” says Cecilia Enbäck, CEO of Translator Scandinavia. “Our customers require new ways of thinking and smart and effective solutions. We’re very happy to have Henrik onboard so we can step up our development.”

“Exciting times for us in language services – technology is evolving by the week, and right now there are more opportunities than ever,” says Henrik Kühnemann, partner and IT and Production Manager. “Translator Scandinavia has a strong brand, a very good reputation, a long and proud history and an interesting customer base. I’m happy to join them on this journey.”

“With AI and access to large language models, the translation issue is changing shape, but it hasn’t been resolved,” he continues. “The content is increasingly located in the depths of more and more systems. The translation issue is becoming less a question of translation and more a question of processes and technology.”

“Translator Scandinavia is an IT company with a love of language, which makes it a perfect place to face the future head on,” says Henrik in conclusion.