2022-2023 Board Candidate: Britta Aagaard

brittaaargaard Chief Business Officer, Semantix
Located in: Denmark | LinkedIn
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My ambition is to further develop a new paradigm for the language industry through collaboration and meaningful conversations.


The language industry is at an inflexion point. Everything today is “transformed”, “digitized”, “AI-powered”. AI and Machine Learning have revolutionized the processes, but when addressing the business challenges, it’s back to cents per words and TM matching categories from the ‘90s. At the same time, it’s still a people’s business. While automation of workflows ensures consistency and data-driven decision points, human resources are enabling a real end-to-end solution. We need a new paradigm to drive real innovation. As an industry we have a unique opportunity to rethink our value creation as a multidisciplinary effort and to reposition the power of language as the true origin of both artificial intelligence and human distinction.

With an academic background in philosophy and the science of language, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, I joined the language industry in 2004, was the CEO of TextMinded® until the company became part of Semantix in 2017. Today I'm responsible for the Semantix Group’s total business within localization and advanced language solutions. Further, I'm serving on the Board of Directors of LT-Innovate to promote Language Intelligence and have a clear vision and commitment to creating a scalable business platform through sustainable integrations of people, technology and innovative solutions for a prosperous and democratic digital future.