Submitting AI-Generated Content to GALA Global

Here are some recommendations from the GALA team for working with AI-generated content.

At GALA, we want to be realistic about the use of technologies like generative AI. AI can streamline and enhance content creation, but it can also pose ethical challenges. As with any technology, there are risks associated with natural language generation.

To prevent at least some of these risks, we need to ensure that all content submitted by our members, whether text, images, or video, is aligned with GALA’s values, quality standards, and legal and ethical guidelines.

For this reason, we have created a quick guide to submitting content that is partially or fully AI-generated. We are aware that AI will continue to evolve and that our perspective may change over time, and we welcome your opinion in this respect. Please, send your feedback to [email protected].

When submitting (partially or fully) AI-generated content to GALA Global:
  • Make it clear that the content is AI-generated. Include a disclaimer at the top.
    For example:
    • This content was generated using an AI model, based on original ideas from a human author.”
    • “This content was first generated using an AI model and then fact-checked/vetted and edited by a human author.”
    • “The organization, grammar, and presentation of this [article/blog post/press release/etc.] were improved by the use of AI.”
  • Accuracy is important, especially when you want to build trust and show expertise. Review and edit your content to ensure that it meets our quality standards.
  • While some fact-checking tools are available, nothing beats human fact-checking. Fact-check and verify every piece of information before submitting your content.
  • Your content, your responsibility. Make sure your content doesn't contain offensive or discriminatory language or violate any legal or ethical standards. Verify that any AI-generated content is used in accordance with local copyright laws. For more on this topic: Generative AI and Copyright: Unraveling the Complexities.

We encourage you to review:


Isabella Massardo

Content strategist at GALA. A linguist and technologist who has lived in Italy, Russia and the Netherlands. Through GALA, Isabella offers the translation community content that’s relevant, reliable, and timely. She is always on the lookout for thought-provoking globalization and localization topics.