Less Is More: How to increase productivity, improve morale, and have a happier and more engaged workplace


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The localization industry is uniquely vulnerable to digital distraction and employee burnout due the nature of our work which requires the use of various apps and devices, working across international time zones, and the continual presences of urgent deadlines. These pressures can create a gravitational force that pulls apart our ability to concentrate and focus and can lead to a gnawing sense of under-performance and fatigue.

In this recorded conversation Mark Shriner, Dominika Olszewska, and Diego Cresceri discuss some of the latest trends and techniques used by individuals and teams to reduce distraction, improve concentration and focus, and ultimately improve workplace morale and productivity. Topics covered include, monotasking, digital wellbeing, the importance of a healthy diet, the four-day work week, and plenty of tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to work and live in a more-focused, present, engaged, and vibrant manner.

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