GALA Champion Sharon Tabraham

In this series of interviews, GALA members share their insights on the pursuit of globalization & localization brilliance.

Today's GALA Champion: Sharon Tabraham, CEO of ST Communications

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Sharon is the driving force behind ST Communications. Starting her life in Zimbabwe, and spending most of her adult life in South Africa – she appreciates the diversity of culture and languages. This, partnered with her background in sales, her naturally strong leadership, and high focus on delivery – she has grown ST Communications into the reputable agency it is today.

It gives her great pride to have been a part of some of the largest localization projects in Africa bringing IT, social media, mobile phones, medical devices, etc. into Africa. When she’s not confidently organizing and structuring her team for delivery – she can be found breathing through her yoga exercises, cooking up a storm or listening to music whilst watching the African sun set on the day.

0:36 Starting out in localization

2:23 Outlook on the African Market

4:19 Joining GALA

5:40 Joining the GALA Conference Program Committee

7:29 Hiring and looking for new skills

9:58 Investing in localization

12:12 Fighting AI hype 14:09 Most important accomplishment

14:55 Best career-building advice


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