SEO & Technical Content = A World of Untapped Potential

27 Sep 2023
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Central European Standard Time (UTC+01:00)

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(Please, note: This event takes place at 10:00am CEST.  See the World Clock Meeting Planner to check your local time.)

There’s no doubt that iSEO is a vital part of your globalization process. But how does that work when it comes to technical content? SEO comes with its own set of challenges when niche industries and products are involved. In this talk we’ll talk about how to manage SEO for technical companies and how to implement SEO into your content workflow. We’ll look at practical tips for technical content like 0 volume keyword research and also include practical examples on how to take this all international.

Event Speakers

Sarah Presch

Sarah Presch is the Digital Marketing Director at Dragon Metrics, an All-in-One SEO software solution designed for global marketers. An award-winning international SEO consultant with 10+ years of experience, Sarah has helped some of the world's biggest brands grow their online presence internationally. With a background in international marketing and psychology, she is passionate about combining cross-cultural communication, sociology, and international experience to create campaigns and content that not only rank but are culturally sensitive and inclusive too.