SAMVĀD: CITLoB's Annual Conference 2023

06 Oct 2023
10:30 AM to 06:00 PM
India Standard Time (UTC+05:30)

This event has expired

India Unleashed: Unveiling the Hotspot of Opportunities

In today's globalized world, businesses are constantly seeking new growing markets that have the potential to expand their operations.

India, renowned for its vibrant economy and remarkable growth trajectory, has emerged as a global powerhouse across various industries. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) standing at USD 3.75 trillion, India ranks as the 5th largest economy and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide.

SAMVĀD aims to explore the multitude of opportunities that India offers in the language and technology sectors. This annual conference, organized by CITLoB (Confederation of Interpreting, Translation and Localization Businesses), brings together industry professionals from Language Service Providers, Technology/Tool providers, Academia, Entrepreneurs, Buyers, and Linguistic professionals from the Indian Subcontinent.

SAMVĀD: CITLoB's Annual Conference is dedicated to empowering the language industry and its professionals with the latest trends and updates in the field. Through insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing, SAMVĀD plays a crucial role in fostering growth and innovation within the language sector. It acts as a catalyst for collaboration, promoting the development of language services and technology, and contributing to India's position as a key player in the global market.

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Host organization: Globalization and Localization Association