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WordPilots is a small translation company. The company was founded in 2010 by three highly experienced translators. The three partners had a vision of making high-quality international communication available in an easy, direct and honest way. A vision that they very much succeeded with. Every day WordPilots delivers quality translations, professional reviews and creative copywriting to many Danish and international clients.At WordPilots we are language enthusiasts – and excellent translations and outstanding service define who we are. We are proud of our work, and it is thus very important to us that our customers always have a great experience and receive a fantastic translation!WordPilots is a small company, and consequently, you will always be able to reach an employee who is ready to help you, regardless of whether you have a language specific question, a technical question or want to arrange a meeting.TARGETED TRANSLATIONWhen you collaborate with us you get an experienced team that takes the entire communication situation into consideration in order to ensure that your message is reached by the people you address.We localise texts within a number of languages, so regardless of which language you need to communicate in we are able to help you convey your message in precisely the way you want!

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