Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing LIA Jakarta


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STBA LIA was established as the implementation of the LIA Foundation's mission, which is a formal educational institution. Therefore, the LIA Foundation (Yayasan LIA) established STBA LIA as the first foreign language college to provide higher education at the Bachelor and Diploma 3 levels for students who want to study English and Japanese.

STBA LIA started teaching and learning activities on September 6, 1999. However, September 9, 1999 was set as the date of birth of STBA LIA which was marked by a public lecture by Drs. Taufik Ismail. The first head of the LIA Foreign Language College was Drs. Sudibyo Siyam, MA for the period 1999-2003, and for the years 2003-2006, Dr. Ekayani RLM Tobing became the second Chairman for the 2006-2010 term. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ida Sundari Husen served as Chair for the 2010-2015 period. Starting September 18, 2015, the position of Chair is held by Dr. Dewi Arianti Yudhasari, SS, M. Si for the 2015-2019 term of office, followed by Dr. Sulistini Dwi Putranti, M. Hum. in 2019-2020. Currently STBA LIA Jakarta is chaired by Dr. Siti Yulidhar Harunasari, M.Pd.

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