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Need to do business in Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese? We are your ideal Language Partner!Ocean Translations is a Language Service Provider, offering translation and DTP solutions in Spanish, Portuguese and English.With our 17 years of experience, we have gathered the best linguists in the sector and have acquired an excellent reputation and an admirable track record of client's satisfaction.Accrediting long-standing relationships with worldwide translation/localization agencies, even with close alliances with some of them, and solid proven processes in place, we are able to guarantee a great quality delivered on time.The company has a strong association with medical, health care and life sciences texts - both for the general public and the scientific community, providing direct services to high-end agencies such as the WHO, PAHO, The Cochrane Library, The Heritage Foundation, among others - and nowadays our areas of expertise are more diverse, including education, e-learning, telecommunications, marketing, HR, software products, the food and hospitality industries, automotive, users manuals, legal, travel, insurance and manufacturing.As a full-service translation provider, our services not only include translation, edition and proofreading as a standard but we also count on an in-house team of graphic designers and engineers. We can prepare any format of document for translation and then format it or recreate it so that it reflects the format of the original file.Ocean Translations offers a additional quality assurance supplied by a Quality Department devoted to client satisfaction. (ISO 9001:2008)Put simply, Ocean Translations makes sure everybody knows their business: we know the field, we know the terminology, we know you—and your company.Technology, human resources, 12-hour availability and a never-exhausting idiosyncrasy for improvement, poise our company as the Latin American partner of choice.

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