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NSTU NETI is a center of the applied science, and its task is to produce new knowledge as a result of fundamental research and technological solutions. We consider the demand for these results by advanced technological companies to be a criterion of success.

The key feature of the educational process of NSTU is to train students in conditions as close to practical work as possible. The University is a leader in the ideology of practical, project-based learning ("learning by doing"). This provides students with the experience that opens the doors to high-tech companies while they are still studying.

To create technological and social practices of new eras of development and educate their leaders.

NSTU serves as a center of the production of the new knowledge.

NSTU (NETI) is a historically established center of excellence in the sphere of technological development and implementation. This was made possible by forming the community of experts, with exceptional technological competences.

Сapacity of NSTU to form exceptional technological competences allows the university to claim leading positions in a number of areas relevant to the new industrial revolution, such as: nanotechnology, electronics and energy (global power grids, power electronics, distributed energy), transport solutions, IT, quantum technologies. In these areas, NSTU carries out world-class research and development, as well as prepares specialists who serve as possessors of NSTU key competencies.

We approach tasks as requests for innovation. Where the solution seems impossible, we continue to go towards the aim creating previously unknown ways of solving problems. Human development is directly connected with innovation, i.e., technologies thatchange the division of labor and economic relations. The University is the place where thinking that is capable of innovation is reproduced.


We ask ourselves for whom we are working, what goal we are aiming at. It is important for us to see the real problems and needs of people and respond to their genuine requests. We create what is in demand. Our students always go to where they are needed.
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