ISI Language Solutions


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ISI is a leading provider of high quality foreign language translation and localization in over 100 languages. We have been in business since 1982 and have impeccable references from a blue-chip roster of clients. ISI provides services to a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, software, financial services, public relations, advertising and marketing. We have extensive experience in the area of technical translation and localization of user manuals, MSDS, web pages, marketing/advertising copy, and on-line documentation. We work in various software platforms and with most desktop and web publishing programs.We offer technical support for all languages including double-byte Asian characters such as Chinese and Japanese. ISI can even provide Braille transcription. As part of our robust QA processes, professional linguists (who often have extensive subject-specific experience) translate the material initially, which is then followed by a 2nd review by equally-credentialed editors. Translators are native-speakers and professional linguists with extensive university-level training ensuring the most accurate terminology. In addition to our global services, ISI is a leader in translation services for non- and limited-English-proficient speakers in the United States. These linguistic teams work closely with our clients when selecting appropriate terminology for a U.S.-based audience.We provide certified and registered interpreters, including sign language interpreters, for depositions, insurance statements, medicals, vocational rehab, telephone conferences, and court appearances. We also provide simultaneous conference interpreters and wireless equipment for meetings and public hearings. Our language solutions are tailored to each client and individual project. ISI is your language solution!