idioma s.r.o.


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International translation, localization and desktop publishing company with 40+ years of professional experience as a multi-language service provider.
Experts in technical translation and technical documentation, 70+ languages, 3-level quality assurance (native translator vs. native verificator vs. internal quality checks).
Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1980, idioma’s mission has always been simple: To delight its customers with the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost way to produce multilingual documents.

With its localization production centre in Prague, idioma is able to offer the lowest prices in the business by eliminating virtually all the frills and costs historically associated with the conventional translation process. Critically the production chain, from estimation to accounts receivable is fully automated using smart web-based applications, removing the need and expense in maintaining a large administration team and sales staff. Running such a lean operation with extremely low overhead enables idioma to pass dramatic, industry-leading savings to its clients.

While the administration of non value added tasks is fully automated, the actual process of translation is performed only by skilled human translators who are native speakers of the required language. Additionally, prior to release, all translations are checked by a second qualified native translator.
ISO 17100, ISO 9001 and ISO 18587 certified.

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  • Multimedia Localization
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  • Translation and Localization

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  • Technology

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