HT International s.r.o. (Hero Translating)


GALA Member

Hero Translating is a premium Eastern European LSP offering integrated translation services to technology companies and other translation agencies.

At Hero Translating, we believe in pushing the boundaries of online collaboration. Each of our team members has specialist competencies and our systems enable seamless workflow between teams based in different geographic locations. Mission-critical capabilities are retained in-house in order to conform to the quality management requirements of ISO 17100:2015 and to provide maximum reliability and security to our clients.

Our key focus is European languages. We have ongoing projects for clients in over 80 language pairs and we maintain server-based translation memories and termbases for approximately 100 smaller LSPs. Multimedia projects and conference interpreting are handled by an independent division with capabilities for flexible EU-wide deployment of AV equipment.

We believe that knowledge should be shared. This is why we educate our translators about the most effective use of CAT tools. We develop applications to extend business software used by LSPs and we share the results of our research with key business partners. Where appropriate, we join forces with competitors who hold the same values as we do. 

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