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Origin: A translator with 10 years of experience in the translation market wished to satisfy the increasing demand for quality translation services among translation agencies all over the world — and here is Brazlate! To fulfill this wish, he has thought about the company along 2016 so it could start its operations on 2017, in Ribeirão Preto, an outlying city in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, with about 600.000 inhabitants. ​Mission: Brazlate’s main mission is to provide the language services requested by its clients according to the best international translation practices and its internal quality standards. Process: With a view to accomplish its mission, Brazlate resorts to a strict process, which comprises the selection of linguists who are native in the language of the source text and specialized in that of the target text. They should also show deep knowledge of the relevant subject matter and master the tools required for the work. In addition, every single translation we do is subjected to at least to linguists, one in charge of translating, and the other of checking.​ Quality: Since we employ this strict process, we can implement a quality assurance system extending itself all the way from the selection of linguists to the delivery of the work. Accordingly, the quality the selection of competent linguists brings is even enhanced by the combination of the CAT-tools-embedded quality features, the quality-dedicated tools and our translation process.The three founding pillars of BrazLate’s vision of quality are: correct interpretation of source text; compliance with target language rules, and the strict observation of client’s instructions.

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