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The future of TechComm is here! The business world is expanding rapidly amidst increased globalization, digitization and mobile device penetration. In this dynamic and evolving scenario, the technical content we will deliver has to be contextual, and easily available at the right place, at the right time and in the right amount. Adobe's tools and services are focused on creating ground-breaking content, deploying it seamlessly across media and devices, and achieving greater business success. Our award-winning software and technologies have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years. And now that the future of TechComm is here, our industry-leading technical communication tools are here in their latest avatars as your partners-in-success!

FrameMaker 11: is a best-in-class authoring and publishing solution for XML and unstructured content. Use the new XML Code View to natively author structured content. Use PDF-based roundtrip reviews. Efficiently manage content with out-of-the-box CMS integration.

RoboHelp 10: is an easy-to-use authoring and multichannel, multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution. Deliver content virtually anywhere using a wide variety of output formats. Use next-generation collaboration workflows, and optimize content for relevance and search.

Technical Communication Suite 4 (TCS4): is a single-sourcing, rich multimedia and multiscreen HTML5 publishing toolkit. Author XML content with Adobe FrameMaker 11. Publish virtually anywhere using Adobe RoboHelp 10. Enrich content using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Captivate 6.