How Voting Works at GALA


All GALA member organizations have voting rights. Each member organization gets one vote, no matter their size, location, or specialty. Being egalitarian is one of GALA’s core values. GALA members may be asked to vote in our annual Board Elections or on changes to the Association Bylaws.

How does GALA ensure each member gets a vote?
  • All member organizations have a voting contact assigned annually. If a contact exists in our records, we reach out to confirm that it is still correct. For new members and organizations without a voting contact, Alicia (GALA's Membership Engagement Manager) messages the organization's admins to nominate a voting contact.
  • GALA ballots are distributed via SurveyMonkey. The ballot is sent to the voting contact via a unique link that cannot be shared.
  • After the ballots are distributed, GALA confirms it was received and troubleshoots any voting issues (for example: did not receive ballot, cannot access SurveyMonkey).
  • Several reminders are distributed until the voting period ends.
  • We perform checks at each point in the process, making sure no bounced emails go uninvestigated.
Thank you for making your vote count!