E.g., 07/17/2019
E.g., 07/17/2019

GALA Board Elections FAQ

1. When do board elections take place?

GALA Board Elections take place annually each October/November. Watch for the call for candidates via email and on the GALA website.

2. How is the election administered?

The election is administered through Survey Monkey, an online survey tool GALA uses for all of its surveys and elections.

3. Who can vote?

All member organizations at GALA may vote in board elections.  Each member organization receives one ballot, distributed to the designated voting contact

4. What if someone votes more than once?

This isn’t possible. Ballots are uniquely tied to emails of the voting contacts, and only one vote is allowed per email.

5. Who has access to the results?

Only GALA staff has access to the voting data.  At the conclusion of the voting period, the current Board of Directors receives a tally of the aggregate results.

6. What happens if there is a tie vote?

In case of a tie, GALA will organize a run-off. A run-off ballot will be distributed to the voting contacts of member companies.

7. How will the results be announced?

Results will be announced to members by email at the end of November, unless there is a run-off.


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