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Glossarium - Traduções e Serviços de Informática, Lda., with main office in Praça de Alvalade, nº6 2º Dto., 1700-036 Lisboa, Portugal, is a translation and localisation agency based in Portugal, integrating a core in-house team of Project Managers, Translators, Localisers and QA professionals with an extensive experience in many different IT areas and expertise in Software Localisation Projects.Over the years, since 1999, Glossariums mission has been to convey culture-oriented texts to the end-user, in his native language, while preserving the original message purpose and contents of the source text.Our production capacity is 20.000 source words per day.Glossarium team is very flexible and responsive to meet any unexpected volume increase. We make all reasonable efforts to respond in a timely fashion while keeping all quality standards. We have in place several quality checks, from linguistic to content and format, occurring at different stages of the workflow.The first is the automated linguistic check which is run against a termlist, either sent out by the client or created internally by Glossarium.The second, performed at the end of the project, consists of having the content spot-checked or 100% checked, depending on the project volume, by a subject-matter expert.Finally, and upon client request, a format/linguistic (LQA) check or a Document Verification Testing (DVT) is performed by a DTP/Linguistic expert at a later stage.For software source files, an automated check is performed using specific tools before returning the files to the Client and a Translation Verification Testing (TVT) and/or a Functional Verification Testing (FVT) is performed.Glossarium is proud to be considered a trustworthy translation vendor, pursuing a high-quality CRM policy.

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