Flitto Wins 'International Startup Award' at Africa's Largest ICT Exhibition Pitch Competition

  • Wins International Startup Award at “Supernova Challenge” hosted by GITEX Africa, proving technological excellence
  • CEO Simon Lee presents in Korean using Flitto's AI translation solution in front of global business leaders and investors

Seoul, June 3, 2024: Flitto (CEO Simon Lee, KOSDAQ 300080), an AI data solution provider and integrated language platform, announced today that it has been awarded the “International Startup Award,” which honors the best global companies, at the startup competition of GITEX Africa 2024.

The “Supernova Challenge,” where the AI data company was recognized, is a part of Africa's largest information and communication technology exhibition “GITEX Africa 2024.” The event took place over three days from May 29 and was organized by Morocco's Ministry of Digital Transformation and Administrative Reform, hosted by the Moroccan Digital Development Agency (ADD), and supported by UAE institutions. During the event, prominent global companies competed in key ICT fields such as AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and healthtech, with top performers receiving awards and prizes.

During the competition, Flitto’s real-time AI translation solution showcased advanced accuracy and speed, earning the company the “International Startup Award” and demonstrating its global technological competitiveness.

Particularly notable was the presentation by Flitto CEO Simon Lee, who used Korean to explain the company's solutions and innovative technologies. Judges, investors, and participants from around the world were able to understand his presentation in their native languages through Flitto's conference-type real-time translation solution, “Live Translation.”

Flitto's AI translation solutions are currently used by major corporations in South Korea, as well as several companies in the United States and Japan, for international events and communication with employees from diverse backgrounds. A distinguishing feature of Flitto's technology is its ability to learn and apply specific terminology and proper nouns that many AI systems struggle to recognize. Leveraging this capability, Flitto is solidifying its unique position in the global market and plans to further focus on building AI language datasets for various languages and regional dialects.

Flitto CEO Simon Lee stated, "It is currently undeniable that most international events rely on English as the primary language for communication between presenters and audiences. However, I am delighted that through our Korean company's AI technology, we were able to break down language barriers between the presenter and audience at this international competition."


Photo 1: Flitto CEO Simon Lee presents in Korean at the “GITEX Africa 2024 Supernova Challenge” held in Marrakech, Morocco.


Photo 2: Flitto CEO Simon Lee (fourth from the left) celebrates receiving the International Startup Award at the “GITEX Africa 2024 Supernova Challenge.”