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GALA Blog: A Labor of Love—Making Text Matter

Websites are not artifacts like books, which can be held on to for emotional reasons. Their nature is transient and dynamic, and can quickly be taken down or fade with time. The content on the website, however, can teach the user, it can charm them. It can be creative and daring, or supportive and outreaching.


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Two Ways Translation Services is Post-Editing Certified

Two Ways Translation Services is glad to announce that as of last week, we have been certified by TAUS in post editing of machine...


Conversis, the specialist translation and localisation agency, has announced the appointment of Roberto Silva to head up the development of its...

A Labor of Love: Making Text Matter

By Alberto Ferreira, Mekon Ltd. That dusty copy of The Catcher in the Rye. That self-help book that kept you afloat during hard...

C for Collaboration, N for Nubuto: A Case Study from Turkey

By Çağdaş Acar, University of Leuven & Dragoman Language Technologies The year 2014 was marked by the rise of cloud...