The New World of Work

The world of work is changing rapidly. In order to support newcomers and leverage emerging challenges and opportunities in the localization industry, we need flexible strategies and meaningful partnerships that bring together the industry's first-hand knowledge of the current landscape with the research and education expertise of institutions of higher education. But where are the talent gaps? And how can business-academia relations be enhanced to better address these?

These questions are the focus of this white paper, which reports on exploratory research conducted by the translation research group Project DaRT from University College Cork, in partnership with GALA and Lion People. Using data from over 35 interviews with industry leaders and business representatives and a questionnaire distributed among GALA members across the globe, this publication (i) outlines the challenge posed by changes in processes, roles, and business structures, (ii) considers industry's perceived talent needs in the current context, and (iii) discusses potential responses to facilitate value exchange among stakeholders.

The results highlight the need for industry and academia to develop a common language to communicate shared goals and objectives. In adapting to a constantly changing, technology-driven environment, it is only from this perspective of mutual understanding that new avenues for training and research can be successfully explored.

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