E.g., 07/14/2020
E.g., 07/14/2020

Webinar Presenter Essentials

As you prepare to present a GALA webinar, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Expert Insights: Attendees are language industry professionals who want to improve their business insights, knowledge or skills. 
  • Dynamism: Be engaging and speak clearly. It is critical to talk dynamically during online presentations or people will get bored! 
  • Slides: Have between 20-30 slides. Spend about one to two minutes on each slide, then move on. More slides; less content on each slide.
  • Preparation: Practice your presentation at least once before presenting. 
  • Non-Commercial: Content must be strictly non-commercial, with the exception of Sponsored webinars. 

Attendees and Key Questions

Our viewers come from a variety of regional and professional backgrounds, but are typically professionals who have worked in the translation and localization industry for several years, either on the buyer or the provider side. They are often specialized in specific industry verticals, like life sciences, game localization, legal and financial translation or have expertise in specific aspects of the end-to-end localization process, such as source and target terminology management, quality assurance methods, international testing, localization tools or machine translation application.  For the most part, they know the basics and expect advanced content. They want peer-to-peer, in-depth information describing processes, best practices, case studies, and research findings that they can start leveraging in their professional careers.

Each presentation should address or consider the following 4 questions:

  1. Why does this topic matter to other professionals in the language industry?
  2. What can industry professionals take away from my presentation to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge or business insight?
  3. What aspects about my presentation would my colleagues and I find compelling, if it was being presented to us?
  4. What charts, graphs, screenshots, or real-life examples can I add to this presentation to make the content easier to understand and applicable?

Audience Size

Registration numbers differ greatly based on topics, time of year, and cost of attendance. In general, GALA webinars attract between 50-100 registrants with a 50% attendance rate.

Slides and Timing

The content portion of your webinar should take 30-40 minutes. Q&A is an additional 10-15 minutes.

Slide movement is critical in a webinar to keep viewers engaged; it is good to advance slides every 1-2 minutes. Keep the content to a minimum on your slides. Visuals—screenshots, charts, lists, etc.—should be included as frequently as appropriate. We like to say: more slides, but with less content on each slide. Focus on one key point on a slide, then move to the next slide. You should anticipate having 20-30 slides in your deck.

Dynamism and Presentation

The most consistent critique we receive on poorly-rated webinars is that the presenter was not engaging. This can be due to a lack of practice or because of speaking with a monotone voice. Add energy, emotion, and dynamism to your voice while presenting. Engage with the audience as if they are sitting in front of you. Also, consider adding polls to your presentation.

Plan to do at least one practice session on your own, speaking your presentation out loud, prior to presenting. This helps with flow and confidence. 

Also, we ask that all presenters use a headset to ensure optimal audio quality.

Webinar Promotion

GALA promotes each webinar on its website and via social media. On the Monday before the presentation, a registration email will be sent to the GALA audience. On the Wednesday before the event, GALA will send the webinar presenter the list of who has registered.

We also encourage you to promote the webinar via your own website and social media channels. We provide 10 free registrations per expert webinar upon request and will send a coupon code that you can deliver to your client contacts and partners. The coupon can be used for the live webinar or the recording of the webinar. 

Should you have any questions, we are here to assist and collaborate with you on the development of great content and a dynamic presentation. We are thrilled that you will be participating in the webinar series and look forward to working with you!