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Translation Quality Management

Quality management is a key activity in the translation and localization industry. Different products and audience types often have different quality requirements. Learn about quality methods and processes with these top resources.

Featured Content

Quality Management Processes

The Quality Triangle Methodology: A Universal Approach to Building Language Quality Assurance (LQA) Metrics
Leonid Glazychev (Logrus IT)
Learn about the Universal Quality Triangle Methodology and all three independent quality apexes around which this methodology is built: Holistic Readability, Holistic Adequacy, and Atomistic Quality.
Don't Despair: It's Only QA!
Katell Jentreau (Box)
Large tech companies and organizations around the world agree it's important, but do we give QA all the tools and assets it needs to succeed?
Improving Your Quality Management Processes Using the DQF-MQM Harmonized Error Typology 
Paola Valli & Attila Görög (TAUS)
There are different ways to measure quality and different ways to visualize annotated data. Learn about one quality evaluation model based on a flexible error typology.

How to Boost your QA Productivity with Smart Sampling
Sien Accou (Yamagata Europe)
It's not always possible to review an entire translation. A quality check on selected sections can indicate overall quality.

Quality: Doing Things Right or Doing the Right Things?
Mohamed Hassan (Arabize)
Who decides about quality levels? The product owner? The end user? The translation vendor? The tools provider? The market? The competition? This video addresses these questions and others.

Quality Assurance - 5 Tips to Avoid Human Error
Irena Gargula (Capita Translation and Interpreting)
Everyone knows that humans make mistakes. Here are 5 tips to help avoid human error during the translation process.

Which Approach to Human Translation Quality Evaluation and Why?
Stephen Doherty and Federico Gaspari (Centre for Next Generation Localisation)
Industry data reveal a widely felt need to enhance translation quality evaluation methodologies. This article offers an overview of industry-leading options to help LSPs find solutions for their needs.


Quality Testing and Testers

Translation Quality Management and Measurement – A True Client and Vendor Partnership
Benjamin Esch (Starwood)
Measuring translation quality is never straight forward. Learn about the collaborative approach Starwood Hotels & Resorts uses between its translation vendor and its in-house review team.

7 Steps to Achieve Quality in Translation
Charlotte Fellows (Albion Languages)
Everyone claims to have it, and everyone wants to buy it. But what defines a quality translation? Read 7 steps to ensure quality in your translations.

A Cornerstone of Translation Quality: Getting In-Country Review Right (Part I)

A Cornerstone of Translation Quality: Getting In-Country Review Right (Part II)
Klaus Fleischmann (Kaleidoscope)
In-country-reviewers ensure correct terms, expressions, and phrases are used, and that content is applicable and technically correct for the target market. Learn about the ICR process.

The Top Ten Qualities to Look for in a QA Tester
Stacey Brown (Mindlink Resources)
When selecting QA staff it is important to consider skills beyond just linguistic and technical. There are “soft skills” that will give localization managers the confidence that even small errors will be reported by their tester.


Additional Resources

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Job Description
GALA Resources
The quality assurance professional's role is to ensure that any localized product—be it a website, a game, a computer program or marketing materials—works as well in the target language as it does in the source language. Read more.
Quality Management Group
GALA Connect Group
Collaborate with industry peers and discuss a range of quality management topics, such as what approaches exist to define and measure quality in the language industry.