E.g., 09/24/2020
E.g., 09/24/2020

Translation API Cases and Classes Initiative (TAPICC)

The Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) initiative is a collaborative, community-driven, open-source project to advance API standards for multilingual content delivery. The overall purpose of this initiative is to provide a metadata and API framework on which users can base their integration, automation, and interoperability efforts.

TAPICC is driven by volunteers and your participation is welcomed.


Initiative Development

Track 2 Charter (published 13 November 2018)
Track 1 Work Packages & Deliverables (v4 published 29 June 2017)
TAPICC Project Statement (published 06 October 2016)

Get Involved


TAPICC Presentation at DX Conference (29 April 2019)
TAPICC Presentation at IMUG (15 November 2018)
TAPICC Presentation at tekom (14 November 2018)
Stop Reinventing the Wheel! The TAPICC Pre-Standardization Initiative for Translation APIs presentation (15 March 2018 at GALA conference)
Toward Common Specifications for Translation APIs presentation (29 June 2017 webinar)
The Case for Connectivity presentation (28 March 2017 at GALA conference)
TAPICC webinar (08 December 2016 webinar)


      Note: You do not need to be a GALA member to participate.  However, you do need a user account.
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