E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

Traditional and Neural Machine Translation Processes

Machine Translation is here to stay—and evolving. We invite you to learn the latest information about traditional and neural methods by reviewing these top resources from GALA's channels.

Featured Content

Traditional MT

A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Machine Translation Road Map
Dion Wiggins (Omniscien Technologies)
Explore the MT Maturity Model and a detailed road map with milestones and metrics to help plan your MT deployment and growth.

How does Modern Machine Translation Work? A Story in Pictures, Not Math
Josef van Genabith (DFKI / QT21)
Gain an understanding of the basics of SMT using easy to understand graphical examples, rather than complex algorithms.

An Intro to Machine Translation: Understand When to Use MT and When to Avoid It
Calvin Scharffs (Lingotek)
Learn the basics of MT—what it is, what it can and cannot do, and most important, when to use it.
An MT Buyer’s Guide: Six Stages of Evaluation
Udi Herschkovich (Safaba Translation Solutions Inc.)
Differentiate the various MT solutions available on the market (generic, open source, DIY, full service) and see the pros and cons of adopting one option over another.
Corporate Needs, Requirements, and Best Practices for Machine Translation: An Overview
Bob Kuhns (Consultant)
Growing corporate localization needs are driving machine translation usage; learn the requirements and best practices for successful MT deployment.
MT: Future of eEverything, or Precursor to Unemployment?
Wayne Bourland (Dell)
It will be a long time before MT quality is as good as human quality, but if you wait until then, your users, clients, and consumers will all have left you.


Neural MT

The New Frontier for Machine Translation: The Neural Frontier
John Tinsley (Iconic Translation Machines)
Several factors prevent NMT from being commercially available. However, this talk presents areas where NMT may have immediate impact for end-users.

Neural Networks—An Introduction for Language Professionals
Roland Meetens (Infor)
Learn the basics of neural network functionality and primary NMT operations and methodologies. (Great for beginners)

Neural Machine Translation
Kyunghyun Cho (New York University)
Explore the technical philosophy behind NMT, models for how it has been used in the past, and ways it can be utilized in the future beyond just language.

What’s New with Neural Machine Translation
Manuel Herranz (Pangeanic)
Read about artifical neural networks, discover the history behind the neural hype, and consider expectations for the coming years in NMT.


Additional Resources

Quality Translation 21 (QT21) 
Industry Initiative
Quality Translation 21 is a machine translation research project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 645452.
Machine Translation
GALA Connect Group
This group is open for GALA members and provides an avenue for discussion of different MT approaches and developments.