E.g., 10/31/2020
E.g., 10/31/2020

Best Practices for Localization Sales & Marketing

No matter the size, shape, geography, or sector of your company, there are basic principles in translation and localization sales and marketing that you can use to grow your company. Check out the following top resources from GALA's channels and gain insights to help take your team to the next level.

Featured Content

Sales Resources

The 6 Immutable Laws of Selling Language Services
Renato Beninatto (Consultant) and Anne-Marie Colliander Lind (Inkrease)
In the fragmented translation market, people buy from people. Become that attractive person clients will want to buy from!
Sales Management 101
Adam Blau (One Hour Translation)
Differentiate yourself from the competition, target your ideal customer, and build a better sales process.
What Your Sales Team Really Needs to Know About MT
John Tinsley (Iconic Translation Machines)
Selling machine translation alongside other professional services can be complicated. Learn questions to ask, languages to avoid, and expectations to set.
I want to sell. You want to buy. What's stopping us?
Michael Stephenson (HansemEUG)
A critical hurdle for sales teams to overcome is the buyer's concerns about risks. Learn three steps to help mitigate perceptions of risk.
How We Failed to Win a 100,000,000 Word Contract...and What We Will Do Differently Next Time
Fabiano Cid (Ccaps Translation and Localization) and Diego Bartolomé (tauyou)
Discover when to accept entrepreneurial challenges and when to step away from them, via a hilarious failure story!
Taking the "Black Magic" out of Hiring Localization Business Development Managers
Adam Blau (Blau Consulting)
Questions a CEO or a sales director can pose when hiring a sales manager and guidelines for better accountability.


Marketing Resources

Sales and Marketing on a Shoestring
Fabiano Cid (Ccaps Translation and Localization)
A ready-to-use set of marketing tools for small and medium LSPs.
Marketing Automation: Usage and Tactics for Language Agencies of All Sizes
Konstantin Dranch (Consultant)
Large LSPs are using marketing automation tools and inbound marketing tactics; smaller LSPs should consider investing time and resources to do the same.
Client Education: Your Weapon Against Commoditization
Chris Carter (aLanguageBank)
LSPs can show clients that translation is valuable, variable, and not a commodity. Review the who, what, why, how, where, and when of client education. 
International Search Engine Optimization
Chris Raulf (Boulder SEO Marketing)
Learn the five pillars of SEO, an overview of ISEO processes, the international and multilingual keyword research process, and tools and technologies to support ISEO.
Your translation business does not need a USP
Joe Jefferies (Sandberg Translation Partners)
For translation businesses working in a crowded and competitive market, you don’t have to be unique. You just need to be different.


Additional Resources

Understanding Key Factors to Assess Globalization and Localization Providers
GALA White Paper
Identifying differences among similarly-focused language services suppliers can be a big challenge. This white paper identifies twelve key dimensions by which LSPs can be compared.
Building Bridges: Buyers and Suppliers
GALA Connect Group
This group is open for GALA members from buyers and suppliers who believe in mutual learning and wish to constructively discuss best practices in the language buyer-supplier relationship.