E.g., 10/29/2020
E.g., 10/29/2020

Corporate Localization Strategies and Tactics

Multinational organizations rely on localization practices to expand global reach and market access. We invite you to check out the following top resources from GALA's channels and gain perspective and insight from other localization teams.

Featured Content

Team Strategy

Measuring Translation ROI for the Corporate Sector
Ora Solomon (Starwood Hotels & Resorts)
Check out a model to calculate the ROI of translation by market for each language supported. This helped Starwood Hotels know which content should be translated into what languages.
A Delicious Tale of Localization: How L10n Helped Turn Candy Crush Saga into a Global Phenomenon
Miguel Sepulveda and Debra Karneman (King)
Learn how King strategically built its localization team and processes. Gather details about how the team used networking to prove relevance to internal leaders, used Agile, and ensured quality translation from suppliers.
Envisioning the Perfect Enterprise Globalization Team – From Strategy to ROI
Anna Schlegel (NetApp)
What would it look like to have the “ideal” globalization team? It’s all about balance alignment, and efficiency.

On the Role of Globalization Professionals
Luciana Vecchi (NetApp)
Listen, learn, then talk. Learn the necessary steps to develop true understanding between a company's headquarters and field offices around the world.

Dealing with Diversity—How to be Successful When Managing Culturally Diverse Teams
Marcia Fervienza (VMware)
Learn practical and easy-to-adopt concepts to help minimize the most common challenges faced on culturally diverse teams.


Technology Usage

Localizing Microsoft Office: Supply Chain Implications of Continuous Localization Models
Ivan Lukavský (Moravia) and Irene Cormican (Microsoft)
Learn the skills and communication models used in the Microsoft Office supply chain—140 countries, 107 languages, 1000+ linguists and 120+ language moderators.

Intro to Product Internationalization—Who, What, and Why
Mimi Hills (VMware) and Loy Searle (Intuit)
The basics of i18n described for those on the buyer-side who do not have day-to-day experience with the process, but wish to learn more.

Embedding Internationalization Into Corporate Thinking
Youngmin Jeong (NetApp)
Gather three suggestions to help you secure an i18n program by executive mandate, or start internationalizing applications in the absence of that mandate. 


Buyer-Supplier Relationships

What is the right formula for successful buyer-supplier partnerships?
Annya Sedakova-Bertram and Gwenola Trystram (Dell)
Partnerships between buyers and suppliers are critical; learn the value of capturing real-time quality results and the benefits of investing time in collaborative partnerships.
An Enterprise and LSP Success Story: Delta Dental and Avantpage Case Study
Rocío Haskell (Delta Dental) and David Serra (Avantpage)
Sometimes, even with best business practices in place, a client-supplier relationship needs to be revitalized as projects evolve and changes take place. Learn how!
Ecommerce Localization: Managing 60,000 Product Descriptions and 20,000 Updates a Year
Konstantin Dranch (Memsource) and Fabian Lauer (Tennis-Point)
Learn about one company’s supplier and technology strategy that enabled localization on a small budget and see how LSPs can be attractive to ecommerce clients.

Understanding Key Factors to Assess Globalization and Localization Providers
GALA Community White Paper
A list of 12 key dimensions by which language service providers can be measured and compared.

Building Bridges: Buyers and Suppliers
GALA Connect Group
This group is open for GALA members from buyers and suppliers who believe in mutual learning and wish to constructively discuss best practices in the language buyer-supplier relationship.


Additional Resources

Leading from Within—Corporate Language Leadership & Development
GALA Podcast
Gather insight from other buyer-side professionals about industry dynamics and consider strategies for effective leadership.
Client-Only Special Interest Group
GALA Connect Group
Language professionals working at international corporations that are members of GALA are invited to join this group. Collaborate with peers who are also conducting translation and localization from the client/buyer perspective.