E.g., 07/16/2020
E.g., 07/16/2020

TBX Basic

TBX-Basic is a TBX-compliant terminology markup language that allows a limited set of data categories. It is intended for terminology resources that are commonly developed to support translation and localization processes. The purpose of TBX-Basic is to formalize the translation and localization industry's needs for terminology markup in an XML standard, in order to increase the ability to exchange terminology resources between users and to use these resources in various computerized environments.

TBX-Basic was developed by the Terminology Special Interest Group (SIG).

TBX-Basic Package

The following zip download contains a full package of resources to help you get started with TBX-Basic: the TBX-Basic specification, sample files, and all other files required for validating the samples and any other TBX-Basic document instance or customized XCS file. All files that have the “tbx” extension can be validated using any off-the-shelf XML validator. You can also open these files in a text editor and look for comments that explain the content of each file and how to use it.

Download the TBX Basic Package