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E.g., 09/29/2020

Software Localization Engineer

A software localization engineer oversees the process by which translation meets localization. Put simply, he or she takes apart all the elements of the product that must be localized (first making sure that they can be localized) then puts them back together again once they are localized.

On the client side, the software localization engineer liaises between the development teams and the localization vendors. On the translation company side, the engineer is often in charge of designing a solution for the customer, including services, integrations, and internationalization programs.

In practice, an engineer often prepares a localization toolkit for translators, which includes all the files and instructions for translation. Once the translation is done, the engineer builds the newly localized product so that it is ready for testing. The localization engineer is responsible for fixing any bugs found during testing.

Software localization engineers have a technical role combining knowledge of programming languages, development environments, user interface design guidelines, localization and translation tools, as well as language and translation issues.

Software Localization Engineer Responsibilities

  • Building localized versions of the software product
  • Ensuring that the product is easy to localize and internationalize
  • Design of the localization process
  • Collaborate with the localization team to identify requirements and prioritize tasks
  • Preparing localization kits: product analysis, file format conversion, batching
  • Automation & systems integration between applications and translation systems
  • Term mining and translation memory optimization
  • Post-processing of translated files
  • Fixing bugs
  • Develop and implement standard engineering practices and provide detailed documentation with project completion

Software Localization Engineer Requirements

  • Should be able to read code and be familiar with different programming languages
  • 2-year experience in a programming/developer role
  • Skilled in using content management systems, web technologies
  • Knowledge of CAT-tools, TMS, and QA tools used in localization process
  • Aware of localization and globalization procedures and practices
  • Advanced technical solution and problem-solving skills
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills to promote localization needs internally

Vendor-side Localization Engineers

  • Presentation skills
  • Ability to collaborate with sales and marketing teams