E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

Share Your Language Industry Expertise

As a language industry professional, you have accumulated a wealth of knowledge by navigating countless projects, experimenting with unique processes, and leveraging new technologies. We invite you to share what you've learned. GALA publishes articles and blogs written by language professionals, for language professionals. Think of this as a peer-to-peer expertise exchange that boosts everyone involved!

Members can contribute blogs, articles, and webinars.


Who is the audience?

Our readers come from a variety of professional and regional backgrounds, but are typically professionals who have worked in the translation and localization industry for several years, either on the buyer or the provider side. They are often specialized in specific industry verticals, like life sciences, game localization, or legal translation, or have expertise in specific aspects of the end-to-end localization process, such as source and target terminology management, quality assurance methods, localization tools or the application of machine translation. For the most part, they know the basics and expect advanced content. They want peer-to-peer, in-depth information describing processes, best practices, case studies, and research findings that they can leverage in their professional careers.

What topics are trending?

GALA is looking for compelling case studies, visually rich articles, thought-provoking commentary, or meaningful analysis on the following topics:

  • Talent Recruiting, Professional Development, and Retention
  • Growth Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Collecting and Using Business Intelligence
  • Adopting New Technologies / Process Automation
  • Internal Quality Measures / Quality Standards
  • Relevant Geo-Political Issues
  • Successful Business Management Tactics (negotiations, forecasting, outsourcing, etc.)

You are also welcome to submit other topics for consideration!

Where should I start?

Here are some questions to consider in thinking about a topic: 

  • What recent achievements does your team take pride in? 
  • What are lessons you've learned that change how you engage with clients, team members, partners, or technology? 
  • What topics deserve more discussion in the industry? 
  • Are there case studies you can share to illustrate successful strategies?

How do I submit?

Directly submit articles/blogs to the website via your individual profile, or email [email protected]. You are welcome to submit materials that have been recently published in other locations. Submissions will be reviewed to ensure content is directed to professionals working in the localization industry and that the information shared is educational and non-commercial. Due to the number of submissions, not all content will be published. Please refer to GALA’s Content Submission Guidelines for further information.  

What should my submission include?

Consider the following for your submission:

  • Material is educational and non-commercial
  • Topics are relevant to language professionals
  • Include charts and screenshots where applicable
  • Blogs are 500-800 words and are short pieces that are packed with quick tips and concise lessons learned
  • Articles are 800-1500 words and include charts and graphics to help describe intermediate and advanced topics in the language industry

For those who are particularly interested in the Weekly Webinar Series, more information can be found at this webpage.

Publication Calendar

Accepted submissions will be added to GALA's publication calendar. Most accepted content items are posted within 1-2 months of being submitted. 


Questions? [email protected]