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E.g., 09/29/2020

Top Resources by Topic

GALA's website is full of useful materials to help you and your team grow professionally. Here we have compiled our top resources into collections based on topic. Explore the perspectives and best practices shared by industry professionals and expand your knowledge and skills!

Corporate Localization
Global organizations rely on localization practices to expand reach and market access. Learn ways to structure and refine these processes.
Education & Training
Students are the future of the translation and localization industry. Learn how industry organizations are partnerning with academic institutions to bridge the talent gap. 

Machine Translation Processes
Machine Translation is here to stay—and evolving. Learn the latest information about traditional and neural methods.

Machine Translation Quality & Post-Editing
MT can help organizations save time and money, but the quality of the output must be considered. Learn about quality measurement and post-editing processes.
Sales & Marketing
No matter the size, shape, geography, or sector of your company, there are basic principles in translation and localization sales and marketing that you can use to grow your company.
Translation Quality Management
Quality management is a key activity in the translation and localization industry with different products and audience types often requiring different quality levels.